supermarket - more supermarket territories taken up

There has recently been additional take up of the vacant Supermarket territories with the latest area, Cardiff, being taken by Admin Warehouse.  There are a maximum of 80 Supermarket territories available, each containing 13,000 SMEs with between 2 – 250 employees and 57 of the territories are owned by “Regional Partners”.

There are still territories available in Devon and Cornwall, Swindon/Reading, Kent, Croydon, Wembley/Slough, Peterborough, Lincoln, Hull and the Scottish borders, highlands and Aberdeen.

Benefits of the programme include

  • - Exposure to Internet Browsers for office products with page one organic ranking and massive Pay Per Click budget to compete with the biggest online players
  • - Profitable transactions processed centrally (marketing, order processing etc) with fulfilment and customer service performed locally
  • - National coverage of the whole country
  • - Each Regional Partner signed up in the first year receives a “P share” in the business
  • - Each order received by Regional Partners is a warm lead of an active office products buyer in your area which you are encouraged to convert into a direct account, with all future turnover and profit belonging to the Regional Partner.

The orders received through the supermarket office products websites so far include many household names and blue chip companies – KPMG, Harrods, Marks and Spencer, Department for Work and Pensions, Police Forces, Barclays, HSS and hundred more!  The distribution of orders is 65% commercial business premises, 5% government organisations and 30% domestic households.
Example feedback from an existing Regional Partner on the value of leads provided is “last week obtained a furniture order from one customer for nigh on £500 (margin 37%) and a print enquiry from another!”

Interested Office Product dealers should contact Chris Armstrong on 0113 391 1107 to discuss the opportunity and receive more details of the available areas.  Supermarket ‘Regional Partners’ contribute to a combined marketing fund through monthly direct debit payments, must be capable of delivering orders in their territory and benefit from 70% of the gross profit for each transaction in their area.

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