Ecommerce Manic Monday

The launch of suite of sites due for launch in January comes on the back of some very positive news from the online retail industry.

Traditionally a high-spending time of year, people are turning in their droves to do their Christmas shopping online and the figures beat those of last year by quite a considerable amount.  According to figures from the ReD (Retail Decisions) at 13:34 on Monday 7 December shoppers spent a massive £1.4 million in one single minute on online shopping. Dubbed Manic Monday, this is up 61% from the same minute 1 year ago, and during the hour from 13:00, sales hit their highest peak of £33m, which was 21% higher than last year.

These figures help to quantify the scale of the trend for consumers of all products towards the internet.  In light of the lower demand in the current economic environment it is essential that office product dealers have a good online presence that can be found by browsers.

With the massive increases in online traffic, ecommerce websites need to be able to differentiate themselves in order to stand out in the ever-crowded online marketplace – whether it is through promotions, unique product offerings or significant savings, they need to be able to offer their customers exactly what they are looking for and quickly!

This need has driven the development of websites, rather than a site akin to a warehouse full of office products, they recognise that consumers need to save time by having easy access to detailed information, particularly when making costly purchases. programme includes ten web sites each focusing on a specific product set (office paper; office furniture; health and Safety etc) which, combined with the strong buying power of a long established national business, makes finding and buying office products efficient and easy.

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